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A La Carte

Stir-fried lotus roots with garlic and chilli
River prawn and luffa gourd with basil
Prohok with minced pork and river fish in fresh coconut milk (prohok ktis)
River prawn sour soup with basil and flower buds
Fish soup with lemongrass paste and mixed vegetables
River fish amok
Beef salad with long bean and Cambodian herb in sweet-and-sour dressing
Signature slow-cooked pork belly with ginger and pepper
Stir-fried beef with long bean and Kampot pepper
Signature tender grilled pork ribs
Grilled beef with fermented-fish paste or Kampot pepper dip (Khmer steak)
Our special beef lok lak (diced tender beef in sweet-and-sour sauce with Kampot pepper and lime dip)

Cambodian restaurant Khmer food

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